Bardiya National Park, The world’s most untouched natural preserves is located in the remote and sparsely populated far western part of Nepal. It covers approximately 1,000 sq Kilometers. It is more remote and less visited than Chitwan.The wildlife includes Civets, Langurs, Goral swamp deer, Chital, Wild boar, Leopard, Wild elephant and the Royal Tiger. It is the second largest tiger habitant after Chitwan and also a home for more than 300 species of birds, including egrets (4 species), Kingfisher (4 species), Storks etc. It is famous for game fishing which can provide massive 50kg plus Masher fish, and an ideal trailhead for trekking to the hills of west Nepal.The drive to Bardia takes up 12hrs form Kathmandu, through fascinating scenic country, including stretches of the Terai. There is an airway from Kathmandu to Nepaljung of 90 minutes as well.


What are the Activities?
All our programs are tailored to provide you maximum satisfactions in taking pleasure from the dense forest to seeing exotic animals and birds.


Ox cart Ride
If you love old ethnic traditional way of transport, we provide you with an oxcart which will give you an over lasting experience you will be riding unique mode of transport on the old dirt road of near by Tharu settlements.


Village tour
The tour is recommended to those who are interested to experience typical local Tharu tradition and cultures.


Elephant Back Safari
The best possible way for exploring the jungle is elephant back safari riding elephant back you will have not only great opportunity to photograph the animals from a close range but also chance to enter into the thick jungle and tall grassland to see various kinds of species of birds and animals


Nature Walk
To view nature’s gift (wild species of animals and birds mixed with the surrounded flora and fauna) nature walk accompanied by our trained naturalists is the best option you will be taken across the flowing water of Rapti River and the prime areas of the park.


Tharu folk Dance
After you have ended the trek of the day you will be entertained by the agile exciting stick dance and drum beats performed by the local Tharus you can’t stop yourself from joining the folk dance because of the urge created by exciting drum beats and rhythmic movements of the dancers.


Canoe Ride
To view the harmless Gharials and mud drenched Crocodile basking in the sun at the river bank, you can ride a typical home made canoe.


Jungle Drive
If you are keen to see some of the rarest species of birds and animals, you can have a thrilling tour in a four wheel jeep drive into the center of the park.


Bird Watching
As you already know that Chitwan national park is paradise for birds. Some 450 species of resident and migratory birds have been recorded. During the tour you can encounter too many birds. Other species of birds available are Giant Hornbills, Lesser frolic and paradise flycatchers.

Schedule for all the activities
For the 2night 3 days package program, we will design your time tested itinerary for the wildlife safari which help you make all the things possible there.


  • Tour Itinerary:

    • Day 01 : 1:00pm : Lunch, 3:00pm: elephant Safari/Jungle walk/Nature walk with boat ride, 8:00pm: Dinner
    • Day 02 : 1:00 am: Wake up call followed by tea / Coffee, 6:00am: Bird watching / Elephant Safari / Jungle walk, 8:00am: Breakfast, 9:30 am: Crocodile seeing, A 45 minute walk through grassland and forest upstream of the Narayani River. Board boats to observe crocodiles along the bands while floating back to the camp. 1:00 pm : Lunch, 3:30 pm: Elephant safari/jungle walk/visit observation tower/Nature walk with boat. 8:00 pm Dinner
    • Day 03 : 5:30 am : Wake up call followed by tea/Coffee, 6:00am: Bird watching / Elephant Safari/Jungle walk, 8:00 am: Breakfast, 9:30 am Departure.

    How to manage all the activities within limited time

    • Only Safari activities will take 2 nights and 3 days but please write us about your time and according to which we will tailor your time tested itinerary for the wildlife safari.

    *Price depends on the size of group.Please do inquiry for the best price
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